Learn to Love | Supporting family in same sex relationships

Supporting family and friends of those in same sex relationships.

Live & Video Lessons

Watch, listen, and learn as André and the Sexuality Matters team members guide you in how to understand and navigate Sexuality Matters.

Total 0f 6 sessions at 30min each.

Course Guide

A downloadable workbook that guides you through the course.

Get started now

Once you sign up for this course you will get emailed the the downloadable PDF as well as the Zoom link which you can use to access the live workshop presented by André.

‘Same sex attraction (SSA), family support group’ – supporting families & friends of those that have chosen SSA lifestyle​.

Login & learn as Andre Webster, (sexuality specialist & counsellor), equips you with the tools to understand the human longings & how to lead in love. Sessions end with an open ended Q&A where you can learn from others as we share our stories & experiences.


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