Become a Sexuality Matters Workshop Facilitator

Are you passionate about having a Biblical perspective on human sexuality and want to equip others with the same knowledge and practices? Then this workshop is for you.

We equip people with the knowledge and resources to become a workshop facilitator where they get to help people discover their sexuality in a way that honours themselves and God, causing a shift in our societies that will reflect more of God’s Kingdom.

Becoming a facilitator means you:

  • Attend our ‘Fearful and Wonderful Sexuality’ workshop before or early on in the journey.
  • Complete eight 90 minute training workshops (via zoom). In this process you will:
    • delve deeper into a biblical worldview on sexuality topics
    • receive academically founded information and training on the different stages of sexuality development that affects people’s capacity as disciples
    • learn how to effectively lead the different stages of our workshops
    • you can join in the cycle at any time – if you join later in the cycle, you can catch up when the new cycle starts again
  • Once you have completed the 8 sessions you will have enough understanding to host any of our workshops in a personal capacity.
  • We will release you incrementally so that you get the necessary help to feel safe and comfortable with the topics, and also maintain the integrity of the material.
  • Get access to our variety of resources on human sexuality.
  • Become part of a community of like-minded people with ongoing support on your journey as facilitator.

*Our next training session is on Wednesday 17 May. It will continue every second week after then (31 May; 14 June etc.)
*Eight week cycles can be joined at any time but all eight sessions need to be completed at least once.


8 Video Lessons
Watch, listen, and learn as Lisa Bevere shows you to get STRONG!

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Learn though discussions with sexuality specialist and counsellor, André Webster, and his team, on how to disciple others and lead people on their journey in our workshops and counselling.  


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