Our blogs focus on Godly values concerning issues of sexuality. We trust they will cause people to find hope, and thrive sexually.

I AM …..

Who are you? I’m an Educator, a Caucasian male, a husband, a father, a counsellor, a pastor, an exercise fanatic, a shame-breaker, a creative, an

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The Naked Truth about Shame

God has this covered … in more ways than one.  As my husband counsels people who are burdened with shame or struggling with relational intimacy

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Breaking free from porn addiction

Wholehearted Living

To what can I give myself completely? What is the legacy I’m living for? The ever-changing and ongoing consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced

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Healthy Sexual Identity

Speaking of love , Ephesians 5 is our ‘go-to’ chapter on human relationships and how to love who. “And have nothing to do with sexual

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