Helping you explore sexuality matters

We exist to inspire and equip Christ- followers to transform our over-sexualised world, by restoring and inspiring healthy, God-centered, sexuality.

Demystifying all things sexuality and empowering you is our mission

Build your confidence and understanding on what the Bible says about common sexuality matters like: good sex, healthy identity, keys to raising sexually healthy children and young adults. Andre and his team are readily available to provide counseling. For those seeking in becoming comfortable with your own God-given sexuality, finding gender congruence or overcoming unwanted sexual habits.

Our heart

is to educate and provide counsel on the topics of healthy sexuality as a foundation for wise leadership of ourselves and others.

Workshops for parents, teachers, and care-givers to equip themselves, and their children, to understand sexuality development from a shame-free Biblical worldview.

Understanding the fullness of God’s plan for sexuality in any age or stage of life.

Healthy sexuality equipping to defuse  addictive behaviours and unwanted thinking.

Guiding those with sexuality struggles to a place of  freedom and congruence.

Facilitator and counsellor training for those interested in discipling others to sexual wholeness.

Opportunities to help communities establish Biblical based, healthy sexuality practices.

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Getting Personal

‘This workshop opened my eyes into the true way God intended sex, nudity and sexuality. Hands down one of the best personal development courses I have done!’ Fearful and Wonderful sexuality for young men’ workshop

Good sex is the result of growing intimacy on many different levels of our being.

We all have basic longings (like living wholeheartedly) that contribute to the way we experience our sexuality.

I AM …..

Who are you? I’m an Educator, a Caucasian male, a husband, a father, a counsellor, a pastor, an exercise fanatic, a shame-breaker, a creative, an

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Wholehearted Living

To what can I give myself completely? What is the legacy I’m living for? The ever-changing and ongoing consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced

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Our workshops, and speaking commitments, will equip people to understand natural sexuality from a Biblical, Covenant perspective, in order to lead, educate  and love others with wisdom, empathy and joy.

See workshops & contact us directly on topics you would like to highlight.


(0-7 year olds)​ – Back to Basics for Pre teens; Back to Basics for youth. See workshops for listed options.

Encouraging healthy sexual ways in those struggling with unwanted behaviours and thinking.

Coaching facilitators and counsellors to become proficient in their roles.

Book a one-on-one counselling session