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We will assist Educators, Pastoral Carers, Counselors, Parents, Children, or anyone who is interested in encouraging or wanting to live.

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Some more on the things that we do​

We inspire people to explore and appreciate God’s heart on healthy sexuality development; understanding gender; good sex in Covenant marriages, heatlhy sexuality within communities, and more.

Our workshops, and speaking commitments, will equip people to understand natural sexuality from a Biblical, Covenant perspective, in order to lead, educate  and love others with wisdom, empathy and joy.

See workshops & contact us directly on topics you would like to highlight.


School syllabus development

Assisting schools (teachers, parents, and learners), to implement a healthy sexuality programme (from a Biblical, Covenantal worldview)

Teaching in the church domain

Preaching, teaching, and facilitating workshops, that will give a Biblical context to the way people can live out their sexuality in healthy ways.


Held online or in groups at a location that will give one a biblical context to the way people can live out their sexuality in healthy ways.


These are courses that are available to run from wherever you find yourself, at your own speed. Alongside a downloadable course guide. With the access to an online private community.

Become a facilitator

These are private consultations + training done with Andre Webster. That will equip you to run this course with your church, school or community.

Resource & blogs

These are free tools and blogs to equip you further. As well as causes you can support to further the good news of healthy biblical sexuality.

Good sex is the result of growing intimacy on many different levels of our being.

We all have basic longings (like living wholeheartedly) that contribute to the way we experience our sexuality.

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