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We will assist Educators, Pastoral Carers, Counselors, Parents, Children, or anyone who is interested in encouraging or wanting to live.

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This is who we are

We are God-fearing disciples that love to encourage all people to embrace their sexuality in such a way that it is a blessing to themselves, and those they lead.

Our vision and mission

In our roles as teachers, programme coordinators and pastors, we were constantly confronted by the effects of , and ignorance concerning sexuality. After much searching, we realised that there was little in terms of a formal learning programme to address the issues we were noticing in people.

As a result of this, Andre studied Sexology, and has devoted much of his time to creating a Biblical, Covenantal Worldview, on all issues of sexuality, to enlighten, restore and bring hope to many who have struggled in this part of their lives. Over the years, we have been privileged to see many find healing and relief.  Helping people realise the joy of good sex; healthy sexual development, and finding clarity on the minefield of sexuality in the world, has been humbling and exciting.

We are resolved to be a space where God’s hope and answers concerning sexuality can be found. The world is yearning for these answers, and we trust God to give us the anointing and courage to provide in this way.

“The world is yearning for God’s answers to issues of sexuality”

Good sex is the result of growing intimacy on many different levels of our being.

We all have basic longings (like living wholeheartedly) that contribute to the way we experience our sexuality.

I AM …..

Who are you? I’m an Educator, a Caucasian male, a husband, a father, a counsellor, a pastor, an exercise fanatic, a shame-breaker, a creative, an

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