'Safe in your skin'(Raising Sexually Healthy Adolescents) - 2-5pm Saturday 29 July

Become a relevant parent for your child to negotiate all the confusing issues he/she is experiencing concerning Sexuality and Gender.

You can look forward to 3 sessions that will include some age-specific information, and then discussions to grow in parenting or caring for your adolescent.


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Numbers of moms and dads have the common concern that they feel ill-equipped to answer some of the questions their adolescents have concerning issues of sexuality, sex, gender, masculinity and femininity and other issues. We live in a time where the pressure as parents and children around these issues is unprecedented, and ‘ignorance’ around the topic is proving to be anything but ‘blissful’.

In our workshop, we’ll give:

  • A Biblical foundation for sex and sexuality,
  • Consider some of the, often disturbing, issues our adolescents are facing,
  • Practical ways to raise conversations and engage topics.


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