Unique Creations (Raising Sexually Healthy Pre-adolescents) - 2-5pm Saturday 11 May 2024

Numbers of moms and dads have the common concern that they feel ill-equipped to answer some of the questions their pre-adolescents have concerning issues of sexuality, sex, gender, masculinity and femininity and other issues. We live in a time where the pressure as parents and children around these issues is unprecedented, and ‘ignorance’ around the topic is proving to be anything but ‘blissful’.

In our workshop, we’ll give a Biblical foundation for sex and sexuality, and then consider some of the, often disturbing, issues our pre-adolescents are facing at the moment.

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The workshop will start at 2pm, and ends at 5pm.
During our time, on a zoom meeting, you will receive information that you will then discuss in small groups, and then in the larger group. We will consider Biblical responses to some of the issues that our children face. We trust that you will be left equipped with:

  • a sound Biblical Worldview
  • healthy researched information
  • how it can affect your pre-adolescent in this hyper-sexualised world, and
  • how you can respond to guide them through it.



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