Fearful & Wonderful Sexuality (online) | 18 years and older | 23, 26, 30 April & 3 May

Gender based violence, gender politics and policies in schools, as well as, negotiating ways in which we can cope with our hypersexualised world, will not go away, BUT GOD has basic principles to help us face them.
Have some fun with us as we consider our own sexuality development and how we can love ourselves and those  around us more authentically. You will have many of your conflicting thoughts and emotions around issues of sexuality resolved which will open doors of freedom to you, your family and generations to come.
Our Fearful and Wonderful sexuality workshop includes:
* sound Biblical and scientific information around sexuality, like:
  • The origin of sexuality in the Bible 
  • The Biblical design of covenant and gender
  • The Biblical, scientifically based narrative for gender identification and gender roles
  • The Biblical idea for marriage, sexual pleasure, procreation …. and MUCH MORE

* questions to assist you to grow in understanding, and then 

* great discussions with others on the same journey.


This online workshop takes place via Zoom and is only 4 nights long – far better than binging on series!

Our next FWS workshop takes place on:

Tuesday 23 April (7-9:30pm) &
Friday 26 April
( 7 – 10pm)
Tuesday, 30 April (7-10pm) &
Friday 3 May ( 7 – 9:30pm)

Price: R400 per person

8 Video Lessons
Watch, listen, and learn as Lisa Bevere shows you to get STRONG!

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This course is fully device responsive—working beautifully on computers, tablets, and phones.

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Listen and learn as sexuality specialist and counsellor, André Webster, equips you to become disciples who are comfortable with your sexuality.  Ending sessions off with an open Q&A where you can learn from other like minded individuals.

Testimony from our latest workshop:

‘Personally, a highlight was sex and sexuality within the covenant – it makes it easier for me to function in my house as a father.’

‘I am so grateful that we were able to do this, what we’ve heard and seen will impact generations from now.’


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